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Millions of people use search engines such as google, daily, and the need for an effective online marketing strategy or SEO is greater than ever. Every single day millions of people use Google, Yahoo, and other search engines to find products or services that make their lives better and the city of Dublin is no different. Search engines send special robots to learn what the website is about, we make sure your website is properly optimised for Google, in return your website ranks higher in google and gets more customers. If you are looking for more customers and sales then search engine optimisation is your biggest ally. The reward for helping google know what your website is about is more customers, sales, and visibility for your website. Search results are what matters, so let’s get you found online.

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At Dublin SEO Services we guarantee that your business will be found by a huge new audience from Google , your traffic will multiply and your Reputation will be as close to 5 stars as possible. Let’s make your business a leader.



Millions of people daily use search engines such as Google to find local services and products online and Irish are no different. A website that is not on the first page of google is like a business located in a desert. Without proper search engine optimisation, the only way a business can be ranked first on Google is by pure luck. Let us help you get more sales and customers to your business & website.


Social Media is huge nowadays and is massively used in Ireland, platforms like Facebook and Instagram have over a billion users. It can be frustrating to catch up with your followers and to keep reminding them about your business, we will take care of that and post relevant engaging content daily, so you can just sit back and relax and watch your engagements go through the roof.


A bad review on Google can ruin a business. Think of it this way would you go to a dentist with a google rating of 2.5 stars? Don’t think so. Would you go to a restaurant that is 3.5 stars on google? Nope. Do not worry, we offer fantastic reputation management that will help you bring in more customers and sales. We will manually work on your google rating and naturally bring it up to 5 stars as close as possible. 


Web design is the foundation of a business and has to look nice, be responsive and fast on both computers and mobile phones. We offer great value & a very fast quality service that will leave you speechless. All the websites we built are beautiful, fast and responsive, on premium hosting.


Take advantage of platforms such as youtube that can bring you thousands of new customers. There are over a billion daily users on youtube. We can hire a professional actor to talk about your brand and business and rank this video on both google and youtube. This leads to more trust and more customers for your brand.


Facebook is a great place to advertise your product or services to thousands of people in your niche and area. We offer laser targeted audience ads that will bring in extra revenue and followers to your business. Audience can be targeted by their  interests and hobbies, there fore these people will be more than interested in your product or service.

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Online Stores & Local Businesses from Dublin, Ireland

Client 1: A Restaurant in Co Dublin, Ireland

Client 2: Online Store from Dublin, Ireland

How does an average customer find a local business or service?

Think of it this way, when was the last time you actually walked out side on Dublin streets to look for a cinema? or when was the last time you went on the street to search for a plumber. No too often right? It’s 2018 and search engines like google is where people look for services and products to spend their money on. We made a chart to illustrate how a modern age human being is behaving when looking for a product or services to buy.

What is Search Engine Optimisation SEO?

The concept of SEO emerged in the 90s of the XX century. SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, namely: optimization for search engines. At the same time, the same abbreviation applies to people who practice this “work”.

What is search engine optimization?

At the beginning of the Internet era, when in total there were only “several” sites (in fact several million, compared to more than twenty billion, as currently estimated), search engines appeared that were not complex – they are enough not bad indexed the contents of the Internet and were the starting point of navigation, thus, representing an important source of traffic on the sites. At the same time, specialists realised the need for conscious control over the process of increasing visibility in the search engines, and this gave birth to a new science: SEO – optimisation for search engines, which aims to increase quality traffic on sites.

This relatively new branch of “industry” implies a certain set of operations carried out by the promotion team aimed at promoting the site to higher places in the list of search results for certain keywords or phrases that are interesting and relevant from the point of view of the relevant sphere of business relations.

This is achieved by controlling and improving the “criteria for locating objects in order of importance”, that is, factors that, when taken together and analyzed by the search algorithm, lead to a more advantageous position on the pages displaying the search result. Based on these criteria, SEO can be of two types:
Internal optimization (on-site optimization) – Promotion measures are applied directly to the relevant site and basically can only be changed by the SEO team. Examples include: careful spelling of names and descriptions, removal of errors, improved download speed, image processing, optimization of the structure of URLs and internal links, moderate use of advertisements. In other words – improving the experience (experience) received by visitors.

External optimization (optimization off-site) – in this case, the promotion does not directly depend on the SEO team, but rather on the collective will of the Internet. This means that, based on the objective reality regarding the quality of the website, the search engines always try to find measurable signals against the relevance and importance of the site in relation to the analyzed key phrase. These signals are related to the indicators of quality, productivity and popularity, and, as examples, the following: the number and quality of links to the page being analyzed, the number of social interactions (like Facebook, share, comment, create status on Twitter, +1 and so on), the context in which the references appear, the reliability and credibility of the sources, the global and local volume of queries for the relevant keywords, and the like.

Because of the huge commercial potential of the Internet, shortly after the advent of search engines, there were so-called “spammers” – those who practice immoral or illegal manipulation of the criteria for location of objects in order of importance of rank, in order to increase the number of quality points of SEO, and, accordingly, visibility of sites. In the short term, these methods could work, but practice shows that search engines conduct a continuous battle with spam on the Internet and always eliminate possible “holes” in the system. At the same time, they publish official documents describing the “Recommendations for Webmasters”, that is, moral, legal, permitted and recommended methods of promotion, which should take into account every owner of the site. Failure to comply with these principles, if found, can lead to the imposition of sanctions on the site or its final exclusion from the database.