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Why Do I need SEO for my Business?

  • Millions of people use search engines such as google, daily, and the need for an effective online marketing strategy or SEO is greater than ever.
  • Every single day millions of people use Google, Yahoo, and other search engines to find products or services that make their lives better and the city of Dublin is no different.
  • Search engines send special robots to learn what the website is about, we make sure your website is properly optimised for Google, in return your website ranks higher in google and gets more customers.
  • If you are looking for more customers and sales then search engine optimisation is your biggest ally.
  • The reward for helping google know what your website is about is more customers, sales, and visibility for your website. Search results are what matters, so let’s get you found online.

Digital Marketing & SEO Services


Millions of people daily use search engines such as Google to find local services and products online and Irish are no different. A website that is not on the first page of google is like a business located in a desert.

The SEO Marketing Company is a must for any local business to be ranked on the first page of google. Let us help you get more sales and customers to your business & website.


Web design is the foundation of a business and has to look nice, be responsive and fast on both computers and mobile phones. We offer great value & a very fast quality service that will leave you speechless. All the websites we built are beautiful, fast and responsive, on premium hosting. The next step is SEO Services to get you new customers from google organic search.


Social Media is huge nowadays and is massively used in Ireland, platforms like Facebook and Instagram have over a billion users. It can be frustrating to catch up with your followers and to keep reminding them about your business, we will take care of that and post relevant engaging content daily, so you can just sit back and relax and watch your engagements go through the roof.


Take advantage of platforms such as youtube that can bring you thousands of new customers. There are over a billion daily users on youtube. We can hire a professional actor to talk about your brand and business and rank this video on both google and youtube. This leads to more trust and more customers for your brand.


Siri is the most popular voice assistant with over 41.4 million monthly users in the US alone and since Ireland mimics the US trends the need for Siri optimisation is greater than ever. Have you ever asked Siri to find a restaurant near me or a petrol station near me? Fear not we can list your business on Siri, so whoever is looking for a “restaurant” or “dentist” your business will pop up in the results.


A bad review on Google can ruin a business. Think of it this way would you go to a dentist with a google rating of 2.5 stars? Don’t think so. Would you go to a restaurant that is 3.5 stars on google? Nope. Do not worry, we offer fantastic reputation management that will help you bring in more customers and sales. We will manually work on your google rating and naturally bring it up to 5 stars as close as possible.

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